In this article, you will find all the advice you need about student accommodation in relation to stamp duty land tax!

What is student accommodation?

Student accommodation takes many different forms, and whether or not a building is defined as being in the “hall of residence” category will depend on what type of accommodations it offers.

Student halls of residence

The Student Halls of Residence are not subject to the Higher Rates for Additional Dwellings (HRAD) and Multiple Dwelling Relief(MDR).

Residential rates of SDLT

The type of buildings that focus on student accommodation are known as “specialised” residential colleges. These organisations still try to target only students, not affiliate with any educational institution attended by those living there- so they will be chargeable for SDLT but not HRAD.

Same treatment as normal residential accommodation

The property is liable to SDLT even if it’s considered a house in multiple occupancies (HMO), or within walking distance of the educational establishment. There is no distinguishable differentiation between lettable and non-lettable accommodation; flat/house available for students on lease from their institution, converted dwelling used as student housing–anything goes!

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