There are several thousand different grant schemes available to small and startup businesses in the UK looking to get off the ground. When you start a business, surviving that first year is important. As expenditures to get off the ground run high, some businesses are left in danger of folding before they’ve even got started. That is why the government and other entities offer free business funding opportunities and support schemes in the form of business start-up grants. The expert business grant consultants at CapEx will guide you through the application process, if you’re eligible, to ensure you get the funding you need to get your business going.


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Is your business eligible for R&D Tax credits

A business grant is a sum of money given to a business to help further the company. Governments, foundations, corporations or trusts offer grants for new businesses and small companies, which also helps the economy. Ranging from cash grants to tax reliefs, a government small business funding grant is one of the following:


Early businesses and start-ups get reductions on income tax and investments if under two years old and fewer than 25 employees.


This is money given to support start-up essentials such as equipment and staff training.


These are usually government-backed loans that offer generous repayment terms that are more generous than high street banks and building societies.


Alongside Stamp Duty Land Tax refunds and R&D tax credits, many businesses are unaware of the pots of money available to them. With government business grants helping small to medium-sized companies through the key stages of startup and growth, the following are just some of the grants that might be available to you:

Regional Growth Fund

If you’re a UK business seeking funding of under £1 million, you can get support through the Regional Growth Fund (RGF). These schemes are run by organisations that have been awarded funding to offer grants/loans to eligible businesses. To have a grant awarded, your business must be based in England, have a growth plan, create or protect jobs, and invest in private capital.

Government Business Grants

Small business grants are available from the UK government, Northern Ireland Assembly, Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly. Each scheme offer has its own application process and criteria for applying.

Startup Loans

This government-funded business start-up loan not only provides cash but also mentoring and support for businesses/startups that have been trading for less than a year. The average loan size in this government grant is £6,000. The final figure is decided based on your business plan.

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Applying for small business or start-up grants can be quite tricky, especially with all the criteria you need to match to be entitled to funding.

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We understand the agenda required to access small business grants and how to get you the money to grow your business. Often this runs into six figure sums and many business owners embark on projects using funding or company cash when there is a pot of money available to them through Grant Funding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the type of grant awarded. Direct Grants are given to support start-up costs and do not have to be repaid. Equity finance is a grant that comes in the form of tax relief that also does not need to be repaid. However, soft loans will need to be repaid but are available on very generous terms compared to a high street bank.
UK Business Grants can range from an initial source of start-up funding to capital that allows your business to grow into new markets. To find out which grants you may be eligible for, get in touch with us today.