Capital Allowances On Property

Multiple Dwellings

As a property owner, it is quite easy to have many capital expenditures which is why it is so vital to stay updated on capital allowances on property and buildings so that you can maximise your tax savings. A capital allowance is a tax credit benefit that is claimable against expenditure on property and plant […]

Capital Allowances For Cars

If you have purchased a vehicle for business purposes then you may be eligible to claim the costs back in the form of capital allowances. You can gain capital allowances on cars you buy and use in your business and if you’re self-employed. This means that you can deduct part of the value from your […]

Annual Capital Gains Tax Allowance: What Is It & How Do You Pay It?

uninhabitable properties

Annual capital gains tax is the amount of tax you pay on any profit you make from selling assets such as second homes, stocks and shares or profitable items such as jewellery or antiques. The annual capital gains tax allowance is decided by the government in their annual budgets, in the previous tax year 2022-23 […]

Types Of Capital Allowance

Researching into and understanding capital allowances and how the work can be extremely beneficial for businesses. Knowing a lot about the various types of capital allowances will help you to understand that there are unique rules and regulations for each type of capital allowance claim and these can define whether you’re eligible to make a […]