Are Landlords Exempt From Stamp Duty?

Wondering if landlords are exempt from paying stamp duty? Here we explain the rules and exemptions surrounding stamp duty for buy-to-let properties.

Stamp Duty on Agricultural Land

Agricultural Land

If you own agricultural land then you could be eligible for a Stamp Duty land tax relief. See the criteria in our guide and apply for a refund today.

Are Charities Exempt From Stamp Duty?


Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) relief for charities is almost always granted; it is only in very few circumstances that your charity or charitable organisation would not fit the requirements for stamp duty charity exemption.  A charity is defined by the government as a body of people or a trust that is established for charitable […]

Linked Transactions – How Do They Work?

When multiple property purchases involve the same seller and buyer they may be classed a linked transaction for SDLT purposes. In this article we will explore what exactly makes a linked transaction.

2022 SDLT Rates In The UK – What Has Changed?

Make sure you’re on top of current stamp duty land tax rates in the UK. This guide will help make it clear what the current SDLT rates are and let you know of any changes that have occurred this year.

SDLT and Uninhabitable Properties

Agricultural Land

If you are considering buying a property that you consider to be uninhabitable, it’s important that HMRC agree with you the team at Cap Ex Tax can help make sure you get it correct.