As Stamp Duty Refund is a complicated process it can take a while before you receive your full refund which leaves many wondering how to check on their stamp duty refund status during the process.

Assuming that you have filled out all the necessary details that HMRC require from you then you can expect to have a response within 4 to 8 weeks which will notify you about the status of your claim and whether it has been approved by HMRC or not. 

However, if the information that you have provided alongside your claim is incorrect or if HMRC request additional information from you to support your claim then there might be significant delays to the stamp duty refund process of up to 6 months. If your stamp duty refund claim is approved then you will receive you refund shortly after you have been notified of the decision to approve your claim.

Probate properties

HMRC can take as long as 21 years to query the information provided within an SDLT refund claim. An HMRC investigation into a property buyers SDLT affairs would be likely to cause need for further investigation into other tax payments. It is essential for property buyers to ensure that any SDLT refund claims that have been submitted to HMRC are as accurate as possible even if the claim has been submitted on their behalf.

The best way to check on your stamp duty refund status would be via the HMRC app, via your personal tax account or business tax account using HMRC’s online services. Alternatively, HMRC provides support and guidance via their SDLT helpline on 030 200 3510 which is open from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm.

If you would prefer CapEx Tax’s help we can guide you through the process ensuring that you have all the necessary documentation to ensure that your claim is accurately prepared.

A professional stamp duty advisor can help you to avoid miscalculations, misinformation or misunderstanding of the rules which may lead to the wrong payments being issued by HMRC. 

Stamp duty refund can be checked by HMRC after being repaid and if they are found to be incorrect the refund will be recovered after a compliance check has been completed.

If you would like our help in claiming your stamp duty land tax refund then contact us today for more information and guidance.