Companies that raise private sector investment to boost the local economy and create lasting employment opportunities can be eligible for up to £1 million in funding through the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) scheme. Any company, project or programme can be eligible for an RGF grant and/or loan, as long as it fits the specific criteria of each RGF programme. The expert team at CapEx Associates can find out if you are eligible for Regional Growth Fund money, and help with your RGF application.

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What Is The Regional Growth Fund?

The Regional Growth Fund supports eligible programmes and provides finance to small businesses, which can showcase a clear growth strategy, create local job opportunities and invest in private capital. The RFG scheme aims to invest up to £2.9 billion in the growth of businesses across England, creating and safeguarding 289,000 jobs. Exceptional Regional Growth Fund (eRFG)


The Exceptional Regional Growth Fund (eRFG) is only open to exceptionally strong bids, which present an opportunity to secure internationally mobile investment. Successful eRFG bids will be subject to due diligence by BEIS. HOW TO APPLY FOR THE REGIONAL GROWTH FUND SCHEME?


The RGF schemes are currently run by local or national organisations, which have been awarded the opportunity to offer Regional Growth Fund grants and/or loans to qualifying businesses. Each RGF funding programme will have its own criteria as to what makes an application successful.


All businesses applying for an investment should be able to demonstrate a growth plan, invest in the private sector and provide local employment opportunities. Before you apply for Regional Growth Fund cash, your business will need to contact each of the programme’s leads directly, to find out whether it will be suitable for the specific programme criteria.

Why apply for the Regional Growth Fund Scheme?

The RFG scheme is mostly suitable for small companies or businesses looking for more finance options or help with growing the business. With funding of up to £1 million available you can help your business develop beyond the start-up stage, and start making an impact on a local and regional level. ANY QUESTIONS?