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Find out below, with the correct help from our specialists if you qualify for a stamp duty land tax return, as well as the other tax & grant services on offer.

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With over 25-years of experience, we have helped clients big and small to claim stamp duty land tax refund. Take a look at the range of specialist services we provide, that can help your business in various different ways.

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The rules on SDLT are subject to annual reviews and have continued to change over the last few years.

Depending on your specific circumstance, you and your business could qualify for a stamp duty land tax exemption, learn more on these exemptions here and potentially save money for you and your business.


In its essence, tax relief is any program or incentive, which reduces the amount of tax payable by an individual or business entity.

This can help your company financially as you will be saving money on what would normally be spent on SDLT.

You may be entitled to a Stamp Duty Land Tax return if certain SDLT exemptions weren’t applied during the buying process.

Normally, if you sell your previous home within three years of purchasing your new one, you will qualify as eligible, we offer more information and details here.

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Companies invest in R&D for multiple reasons such as cost management benefits and increased market participation. If your company is investing in research and development, you could be eligible to claim this benefit.

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The Research and Development Expenditure Credit scheme, also known as RDEC was first introduced in the UK in 2013, with the aim to encourage large companies to invest in R&D.

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Capital allowances are an effective way to claim tax relief, Claim Capital Allowances easily on various expenditures such as research and development and the renovation of business premises.

In most cases, all properties that are used for business purposes would be able to claim embedded capital allowances relief, the items that qualify for this relief are features such as heating and electrical systems, water systems and other physical aspects of the household.

Plant and machinery allowances are a great way for you and your business to save money on the taxes you pay out.

Plant and Machinery typically involve assets such as machinery, furniture, vehicles and equipment, this is what makes it different from normal capital allowances.

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